Website Development

Whether you are looking for a simple custom website to enhance your company's identity or have a much larger project in mind, our expertise in delivering all types of content over the Internet can turn your vision into a reality. From inception to delivery we will work with you to design and implement a website tailored for your particular requirements. Contact us today at no cost to learn more about the process and get answers to questions that you may have.

The process generally includes:


We meet with your staff to collectively assess your goals and personal vision. We will identify the purpose of your site, explore navigation possibilities and get a clear idea of how you want your site to look. The key to this phase is properly identifying our target.


When we have established a direction for your site we will create a custom layout that portrays how the site will look including all graphical elements and accents. We will also provide an outline that will define the structure of the site and serve as the sitemap.


Upon approval, we transform the sample layout, sitemap and content you provide into a working test site that will serve as the foundation for the remainder of the project. We will then work closely with you to fine-tune your new site by assisting in developing your content, targeting your visitors and optimizing all graphical elements. Our attention to detail is unprecedented, we will proofread all content for spelling, grammar and layout. Finally, we will test your site on at least three mature browsers to make sure that it appears as it should.


After everything is ready we will move your site into a production environment, activate any necessary hosting options and perform any last-minute testing. When you give your final approval, the site will "go live" and your new Internet presence will be available to the world. We will continually work with you to insure that your website remains a viable part of your business and marketing plans.


Areas Of Expertise

Designing an effective website requires experience in many areas and the ability to get the various technologies to work seamlessly together. We were around in the beginning and have continuously maintained and upgraded our competencies throughout the evolution of the Internet. Let us put our skills to work for your business:

  • Content Management
  • Site Architecture
  • E-Commerce
  • Theme Development
  • Flash and JavaScript Integration
  • Streaming Video and Audio
  • Website Evaluation and Redesign
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Flash
  • MySQL
  • Apache


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